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Dr. Justin Shippen, DO

Hi, I’m Dr. Justin Shippen!

I was raised on a farm in Menan and am happy to be back in my hometown practicing medicine. There are many wonderful people in this community, and I’m happy to serve you as your doctor. I love family medicine, which allows me to treat patients of all ages with wide range of illnesses and allows me to build long term relationships with my patients. Aside from my work here in clinic, I also manage patients in the hospital and ICU at Madison Memorial. These experiences allow me to be very comfortable managing complex medical problems.

I graduated medical school with honors at Des Moines University in Iowa and completed a residency at Family Medicine Residency of Idaho in Boise. My wife Launa has been with me through school. We have three young children together. All together we enjoy outdoor activities, extended family cookouts and celebrations, going on neighborhood walks, and sharing our appreciation of music. I enjoy watching my children’s progress in school and in life. I have a special interest in hunting, fishing, basketball and golf.

I value spending time during appointments, being thorough, and providing options of treatment to make joint-decisions with patients.

Thank you for entrusting me with your care.